Agricultural Technologies Developed

Agricultural Technologies Developed

Sylhet Agricultural University invented several new technologies, discovered new breeds and developed hybrid breeds of crops. SAU already handover new technologies to ministry for field level extension. Also research works on development of new breeds are going on on the basis of previous research.

In Veterinary Science

  • Development of PCR-based molecular method for the diagnosis of bovine tuberculosis from bovine and human samples

In Crop Science

  • Two Country bean varieties (SAU Shim-1, SAU Shim-2) developed and registered
  • Low cost production technology for Capsicum (Sweetpepper)
  • Production technology for Broccoli in Sylhet region
  • Advanced 2 (two) lines for Summer tomato
  • Advanced 3 (three) lines of Sweetpotato

In Fisheries Science

  • One new species of Sperata (Aor) identified

In Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering

Two Enzymes produced:
  • Cellulase
  • Protease)